Welcome to Deb Hart Yoga

Debra Hart is a Certified 300 Hour

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator

500 Hour Certified Traditional Yoga Instructor

Certified “Love Your Brain” Yoga Instructor

What it Trauma Sensitive Yoga? (TSY)

It’s a yoga practice that offers an opportunity to be present in your body, in your breath, in the moment. If you’ve explored traditional yoga before, a Trauma Center TSY class will sound different, as you’ll be offered an invitation to explore the shapes and forms being offered, rather than instructed. You decide what’s available and useful for you, perhaps noticing muscle sensations with what you choose to investigate.

TC TSY training includes study of Complex Trauma, Neuroscience of Trauma, Attachment Theory and Power Dynamics.

This style of yoga, developed at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in the Justice Resource Center in Brookline, MA, was specifically designed for those who’ve experienced complex/chronic trauma.

Deb Hart currently facilitates Trauma Center TSY classes at the Ingham County Jail and did so previously for the Ingham County Mental Health Program. She also works in clinical settings with counselors and patients.


Monday Gentle Yoga classes at Coyote Wisdom in Lansing are 9-10AM ET. All are welcome, whether you’ve never been to a yoga class before or maybe you’re looking for a slower pace. This class is alignment-based, trauma aware, traditional yoga. Top priority is your physical and emotional safety. 

Hart’s Tuesday virtual Gentle Yoga class is from 9-10AM ET. If you’d like to join the Tuesday morning virtual class, please email debhart9@gmail.com for details.

Deb is immensely grateful for her teachers Cathy Hansel-Edgerton, Sonja Mattson-Barnes, Hilaire Lockwood, Dave Emerson, Jenn Turner, Anna Kharaz and many others along the way.

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